Design TEAM
Porto, Portugal

Alison is a quirky, creative designer with a deep unfiltered love for typography, layout and web design. As a designer, she aims to translate her ideas and creative flair in a professionally slick product that clients are proud to present. Her strong sense of design, people and communication skills, organized working methods, willingness to learn and a funky personality make her an ideal addition to any project. Clients include: Marie Claire, Glamour, Good Housekeeping

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CEO, Incipe Insight

Bethany prioritizes client strategy and deck work, while managing Incipe Insight's operations and client prospecting process. She is available for strategy and design-related requests. Clients include: PepsiCo, IBM, University of Hawaii.

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Conversion Copy
Columbus, OH, USA

Merlene is a conversion copywriter and copy strategist. Through her copy and strategy work, Merlene helps companies sell more through the words they own because it is the factor that moves people to take action with your company... or your competition. 


Merlene has extensive experience writing for a variety of businesses. From Fortune 500 companies like L Brands to small businesses like Elements of Charm Floral Studio, which has equipped her with the knowledge necessary to bring a company's unique voice to life, and move people to buy and grow a business through copy.

Branding, UI/UX
Curitiba, Brazil

Jessica is no pixel-pusher. She enjoys actively collaborating with clients on strategizing how to achieve their goals through the brand they represent. Jessica began her design journey when she was 12 building layouts and coding her own blog. Her love for all-things digital brought her back to the web design and interface world in university, and led her to pursue a postgraduate degree in Interaction Design soon after. Having an extensive background as a Marketing Designer and UI/UX specialist, Jessica understands the utmost importance of having a strong brand that aligns with your business mission.