Incipe Insight began out of frustration around the fact that this type of strategy work is typically inaccessible to impact-driven companies that prioritize purpose just as much as they do profit.
Sapere aude, incipe.
Latin. Dare to be wise, begin it now.
The Incipe Insight logo is a symbol that represents the first letters of "Sapere Aude, Incipe" (the "S" on the left, the "A" on the bottom right, and the "I" striking through the middle, pointing towards the sky, towards progress). These were the first words of Immanuel Kant's essay: "What is Enlightenment?"and, before that, they were words within philosopher Horace’s book Epistles. Horace wrote:"dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude, incipe.” Translated, this means: “He who has begun is half done, dare to know, begin!”

Investing in the long-term is typically de-prioritized. It's easier and more straight-forward to reward short-term gains and accomplishments, but this is not where the lasting impact is made.  It takes wisdom to invest in the long-term. It takes wisdom and courage to prioritize investments you might not reap the benefits of before the deadline for the next quarterly report. Sometimes real impact is nuanced, and not easily measured. We exist to help you define, measure and track your success, so your goals can be 100% achieved.