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CEO & Strategist, Incipe Insight

Bethany prioritizes client strategy and deck work, while managing Incipe Insight's operations and client prospecting process. She is available for strategy and design-related requests. Clients include: PepsiCo, IBM, University of Hawaii.

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Andrés De la Sierra is dedicated to helping organizations leverage their skills and resources for the better. A strong believer in the triple bottom line, he developed his Bachelor of Arts Degree at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration on public policy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Having been raised in a multicultural setting as the son of Mexican and Belgian parents who later immigrated to The United States, he is cognizant of the importance of cross-cultural dialogue as a means to catalyze meaningful change.


Andrés had the opportunity to cultivate his burgeoning interest in international affairs alongside a myriad of culturally diverse students as they lived and studied in 12 countries throughout the Global North and South and attended THINK Global School. He is currently in NYC engaging with organizations across the private and public sector to align the interests of businesses and vulnerable communities with the hope of creating shared value for all. Most recently he has worked as a student consultant alongside Invest NYC SDG, a two-year initiative working to engage the private sector and drive financing toward creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient NYC. Andrés’ work in this capacity included, but was not limited to, the analysis of Global Reporting Initiative and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board disclosures. Additionally, he has collaborated with the LA-based company Everytable, whose mission is to combat the systemic existence of food deserts by increasing access to affordable and nutritious food, through creating an ethnographically-backed marketing strategy for them to drive brand trust and recognition.


Andrés aspires to apply his academic and professional experiences to play a part in the larger mission of reevaluating the entrenched, and often harmful, systems of our world for the benefit of future generations.